OuR  PaRtNeRs

WellNess is the epiceNteR Of OuR wORld.
The cORe Of eveRythiNg we dO.

Here are our partners helping us make this vision a reality!

Kavitha MaNtha

FOuNdeR Of Sage FaRm


Sage FaRM

The biggest luxury one can have today is the luxury of growing one’s own produce. Akshara Ananda has joined hands with Sage, the longest-standing name in sustainable food and farming practices in Hyderabad. Their food philosophy of encouraging local and seasonal produce aims at creating unique food experiences and nurturing positive and continuous lifestyle choices.

With Sage as our farming partner, the plot owners will learn how their food is grown and gain a perspective on how their food choices impact them and the environment. It’s an opportunity to create a biodiverse food forest; a zero-waste ecosystem that thrives on innovation, sustainability and green empowerment.

TONy JOseph

Founder of Stapati Chief Architect



Akshara Ananda is delighted to have Tony Joseph on board to design the resort.

Tony completed his master’s in design from the University of Texas, Austin and started Stapati on his return to India. Stapati has steadily grown into a multi-disciplinary practice emphasising values of integrity, sustainability and innovation

Stapati’s architecture emerges from a sensitive understanding of context, the evolution of design is firmly rooted in a region’s traditional narratives while interpreting the elements in a modern context.  

Stapati has branched out in cities like Calicut, Bangalore, Kochi and Dubai. Their hospitality projects are recognised for their innovative and regional architectural interpretations and are the most successful in their respective areas of operation. 

Stapati has won numerous awards and recognitions over the years and has been selected as one of the Top 100 Most influential design firms in South Asia by Architectural Digest for nine years continuously, from 2014 to 2022.

ChaNg Huai-YaN

ChaNg Huai-YaN

Founder of Salad Dressing
Landscape Architecture Partner

Salad Dressing was founded in 2002 as a landscape architecture studio. Based in Singapore, the studio leads a practice that leverages on the flux of humanity during this post-Anthropocene transition. It is inspired by contemporary culture that is defined by information technology, genomic science and cosmic explorations. By magnifying humankind’s original limited ability through machines, the studio challenges a change in bio-ethnics.

JespeR HOugaaRd

Founder of Diletto Lifestyle & Hospitality
Wellness Guru

Jesper Hougaard is a Danish national who moved to Maldives in 1994 and headed the establishment of Maldivian Air Taxi which soon became the backbone of Maldives tourism and still remains the world’s largest seaplane operation.

Today, Jesper has designed more than 100 spas, expanded and upgraded existing facilities and been involved in various international wellness organisations. He also served on two-term boards at the International Spa Association in the US and developed quality spa operations on behalf of the Quality Council of India.