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with an average size of 4000 sq yards
It’s an unparalleled investment opportunity and an endeavor to create an ecosystem that lets you indulge in nature while rejuvenating at a world-class wellness resort and spa.

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Enter Ananda’s graciously spread mango and teak trees that wrap you in eternal peace. The 25-year-old trees are Akshara Ananda’s heritage and will go on to become your family’s wealth

25 Years Old Mango Orchard



Alongside organic farming from Sage, you will have the unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with genuine farming practices, including the art of Organic Vegetable Gardening, Farm Picking, Goshala, Animal Touch Farm, and various other time-honored techniques.

A sprawling Goshala and a petting farm for family enjoyment create cherished memories with our gentle farm animals.

One of the central attractions is a



One of the central attractions is a 2-acre man-made lake, a serene spot that essentially completes the self-sustained ecosystem at Akshara Ananda.

You can experience fishing, kayaking, or simply watch the sunset on the banks of the lake.

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a ceNtRal facility that seRves as a fOcal pOiNt, pROvidiNg a vaRiety Of ameNities aNd activities fOR the OwNeRs aNd visitORs Of the faRm estate.

Discover a sanctuary of possibilities, featuring suite rooms, communal spaces for events, a kitchen and dining area for shared meals, lush gardens, sports courts, and fitness centers. Embrace a life of leisure and connection.



Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of wellness as we work towards creating a nurturing environment for your holistic well-being.

Ananda is nestled in the lap of nature, at the same time providing a great investment opportunity with proximity to multiple landmarks.

  1. Monimpet – 21km
  2. Woxen Business School – 22km
  3. Mumbai Highway NH65 – 22km
  4. RRR – 35km
  5. NIMZ – 43km
  6. Shankarpally – 49km
  7. ORR – 67km
  8. Neopolis IT SEZ – 71km
  9. Financial District Nanakramguda – 75km